Control Panels & Mimic Diagram

Engraved control panels and mimic diagrams

Mimic Diagrams are engraved with high accuracy, providing clear and concise labelling so you can see an accurate overview of a building or equipment etc. We supply mimic diagram panels to the electrical, fire detection, marine and construction industries including blue chip companies. Contact Manchester Rubber Stamp Co. Ltd. We can get the job done in no time.
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Mimic Diagrams

Control panel fascias

If you require affordable control panel fascias, contact Manchester Rubber Stamp Co. Ltd. We can get the fascia engraved on any material that you prefer. We have the latest drawing package that can import your drawing file. The file types that we accept include the following:
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • DXF
  • PLT
Control panel fascias

Mimic diagram engravings

For precise and accurate mimic diagram engravings, contact Manchester Rubber Stamp Co. Ltd. We can produce high-quality mimic diagrams on all types of materials. We create mimic diagrams for electrical, fire detection, marine, and construction companies.

We also create labelling for buildings and machines. You can choose to get them created in Kemco or Traffolyte. We can also use Perspex engravings, when a lot of colours are present in the drawing. 
Mimic diagram engravings
We can create accurate engraving from hand drawings. Choose Manchester Rubber Stamp Co. Ltd for high-quality engravings that match your precise dimensions.
Manchester Rubber Stamp Co. Ltd
Manchester Rubber Stamp Co. Ltd provides engraved control panels and mimic diagrams. For details, call us on 0161 834 1988

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